Handfuls of cherries

Handfuls of cherries, originally uploaded by aefitzhugh.

We now pick cherry tomatoes every other day, this was a batch of 75. Cherry tomato fatigue has not set in yet! These are very sweet, they’ll sit in a bowl on the counter for people to snatch as they go by.

July 23rd harvest

July 23rd harvest, originally uploaded by aefitzhugh.

A couple of lemon cukes, zucchini, basil, oregano, 25 or so cherry tomatoes, 5 smallish Early Girls, one red and one yellow onion, a couple of bell peppers. Chef Vivien did a number on these, even the kids ask for seconds.

The tomatoes are really kicking in now — we’ve picked 150 or so cherries and 15 regulars. The zukes have been fantastic, and as prolific as they are we can’t get enough. I’m a bit disappointed in the small size of the onions, but the flavor and tenderness are excellent. I did not expect such a noticeable difference from store bought onions.


Cherries!, originally uploaded by aefitzhugh.

Have picked a couple of dozen, hundreds more coming.  This year I had enough of 1-2 plants where we’d pick 10-12 at a time.  I want handfuls of cherries for everyone, so we have 7 plants this year.  We’ll see if we can keep up as the wave of ripening fruit is growing fast.  I don’t expect it to be a problem.

A recent harvest

A recent harvest, originally uploaded by aefitzhugh.

Cucumber, zucchini, beans, cherry tomatoes, and carrots, but forgot to include the lettuce. Don’t be fooled by the carrots! I only thinned them out again, these are barely bite-sized.

Beans and zucchini are in full swing, and we’ve got a few dozen cherry tomotoes ripening now. The Back Forty is bearing nicely, I picked close to 2 lbs of beans today bringing the total to about 6 lbs. May get close to 12 lbs for the season; the second patch should be flowering in another 10 days or so.